What is Online Nutrition Coaching with Tony Stephan? Watch the short video below…


What makes Online Nutrition Coaching with Tony Stephan

different from other programs?


✅ Online Nutrition Coaching with Tony Stephan: After doing our initial discovery call I will deep dive into your current life and create a customized nutrition program based on your individual wants and needs. No two plans for clients are identical. This is designed to fit into your lifestyle and be sustainable in the long run!

❌ Other Coaches: A one size fits all approach for clients that results in cookie cutter programs sent to multiple individuals with different wants and needs.


Online Nutrition Coaching with Tony StephanA flexible approach to nutrition that has NO foods be off limits. I teach my clients how to eat the foods that they enjoy and still see results by using My Fitness Pal. The progress you see during this program is sustainable long term because you never restrict yourself of foods you enjoy.

❌ Other Coaches: Restrictive meal plans that set certain foods as”off-limit” and make the client feel restricted and deprived.


Online Nutrition Coaching with Tony Stephan: No set meal plans or limitations. I never tell my clients what to eat every day. My clients are educated how to eat out for work meetings, how to survive travel for work or vacations, and how to celebrate and enjoy special events while still seeing results.

❌ Other Coaches: Boring meal plans that leave clients feeling frustrated from a lack of flexibility.


Online Nutrition Coaching with Tony StephanGetting clients to lose weight and perform their best in the gym with the MOST amount of food possible and the LEAST amount of cardio.  Results are sustainable and LAST a lifetime. I refuse to starve my clients.

❌ Other Coaches: Low calorie starvation type diets  (800-1000 calories) that leave the client lacking energy and feeling horrible. Most clients can’t stick to this long term and end up gaining the weight back, and then some.


Online Nutrition Coaching with Tony StephanWorking with a medically licensed nutrition professional (registered dietitian) with 100’s of client transformations. If you value working with an expert and enjoy receiving a luxury class customer service experience, you are in the right place.

❌ Other Coaches: Unqualified individuals without any schooling, credentials, or real client experience, offering nutrition plans  and putting consumers health at risk.

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This isn’t your average nutrition coaching program! We are a TEAM!

So, if you’re an action taker and serious about seeing amazing results with your health and fitness goals then take a moment right now to fill out the short application below.


There is an application process so I get the best candidates who will continue to grow my community of successful clients and achieve the most results possible.


*Please be aware that I am very protective of my time which is why I am selective with who I choose to work with. Only fill out this application if you are willing to invest in yourself, you are serious about making a transformation, and feeling the best you’ve ever felt.


Once I review your application I’ll contact you to set up your strategy call using the contact information provided. If we decide you are a good fit during our call you will be invited to join the team!

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